Vocalist Joe Benducci Leaves Ender

Vocalist Joe Benducci has decided to part ways with metal act Ender.

Benducci released the following statement on the band’s Facebook page:

“As the last few months have passed by I have grown more and more distant from the style of music that we play. To me playing music is more about enjoying what you play and because you love it, not just because this is “where its at” at that time. There are no hard feelings between any of us, Ender is full of great dudes. I’m going to further my music with a hardcore band and play the music I love to play and listen to. This deathcore/metalcore scene we play in today just isnt for me anymore. I’m currently working with another hardcore band from New Jersey and looking to pursue something with that band, just at a much slower less rapid pace then Ender took. Like I said before Ender is full of great dudes and I hope the best for all of them.”

Ender drummer Danny LaVarco followed up Benducci’s statement with his own message:

“Joe was a huge part of Ender, and we will miss him very much. As much as this sucks, their are no hard feelings and we wish him the best of luck, and will continue to be close friends with him. He will be playing his last 2 shows march 25 in New London, CT @ the El N Gee club and March 26 in Garwood, NJ @ Garwood VFW. We will not let this bring Ender down! We are working on new music, and we will be trying out singers to front our band. If anyone is interested feel free to shoot us a message to our email enderhardcore@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who has supported Ender and continues to support us!”