The Poodles: New Album Details

Swedish glam rockers The Poodles will be releasing their new record, ‘Performocracy,’ on April 15, 2011 via Frontiers Records.

The forthcoming album was produced by Mats Valentin (Clash Of The Elements) and mixed by Tobias Lindell (Europe, Mustasch). The Poodles plan to release the record’s first single in late January 2011.


01. I Want It All
02. Until Our Kingdom Falls
03. Father To A Son
04. I Believe In You
05. Cuts Like A Knife
06. As Time Is Passing By
07. Love Is All
08. Your Time Is Now
09. Action!
10. Bring Back The Night
11. Vampire’s Call
12. Into The Quiet Night

  • DragonFan

    Are a couple of these songs covers? Is “I Want it All” a cover of Queen and “Cuts Like a Knife” a cover of Bryan Adams? Anyone know?