The Left Banke to Reunite

The Left Banke will perform two shows at Joe’s Pub in New York City in March of 2011. This historic reunion marks the first time that founding members Tom Finn and George Cameron have performed together in almost 40 years.

When NYC-based The Left Banke debuted in 1966, their use of lush orchestral arrangements led them to be dubbed “Baroque pop.” They also made use of vocal harmonies to great effect, in a fashion similar to contemporaries The Zombies. The Left Banke’s first single, “Walk Away Renée,” reached #5 on the Billboard charts, and it was covered by many other artists including The Four Tops, Frankie Valli and David Cassidy. Rolling Stone ranked “Walk Away Renée” number 220 on their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

Original keyboard player/songwriter Michael Brown, who penned “Walk Away Renée,” left the band in 1967. The Left Banke disbanded in 1969 after only two proper studio albums. Original guitarist Jeff Winfield died of complications from pneumonia in 2009. Tom Finn went on to become a world-class DJ, and in 2009 he created The Official Left Banke Fan Page on Facebook, where he actively corresponds with Left Banke fans.

It has also been reported that Sundazed Music will reissue both of The Left Banke’s albums on CD and LP in 2011.

For tickets and information about the show, check out the Joe’s Pub website.

  • Fantastic news! The Left Banke was ahead of its time — they broke up much too early.

    I recently posted the story behind “Walk Away Renee” on my Rockaeology blog at

    In it is the story of who the real Renee was and where she went when she walked away.