The Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Matt Pryor has announced that his new solo album will be entitled ‘May Day.’ The Get Up Kids frontman plans to write, record, and finish the whole album during the month of May.

Pryor remarked, “I’ve been tinkering with ideas for about 15 acoustic songs between tours over the last year and it looks ready to become an actual ‘album’ – my second solo record. I decided to call the record ‘May Day’ – basically as I’m giving myself the month of May to wrap up the writing and put it to tape. I’m really excited to get started on everything to get ‘May Day’ finished and released. And here’s where you, my friends, come in.

“My plan is to release ‘May Day’ independently, so I’m looking to raise enough money to get it off the ground and promote it properly. And I think I can do it with your help! I’ve thought about it a lot, and have put together what I hope is a good collection of incentives to earn your support. Not the least of which is an entirely unreleased album titled ‘Still, There’s A Light’ that’s only going to be available to Kickstarter contributors.”

In return for pledging, fans can receive vinyl test pressings, exclusive t-shirts, screen-printed posters, the guitars played on the record, and an unreleased solo record dubbed ‘Still There’s A Light.’ Those who participate in the project will also have access to exclusive videos, MP3s from the recording sessions, and much more.

Head here to learn more about the project.