The Faceless Bassist to Release Debut Solo Album

Evan Brewer, the recently announced bassist for death metallers The Faceless, is set to release his debut solo album on June 28 via Sumerian Records. The album, which is entitled ‘Alone,’ will be completely instrumental.

In a press statement, Brewer said the following: “I started playing bass about 15 years ago. Early on I just learned a ton of tunes and really developed a feel for the instrument’s role in a band setting by studying those songs. After that I quickly gravitated towards funk, hip-hop, and r&b because the bass has such a prominent role in those genres. As time went on I started seeking out bassists who took it further than just a support instrument and really hit on some serious inspiration. I discovered legends like Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorious and Victor Wooten, just to name a few. I started studying with Regi Wooten at 16 and literally had my whole musical ideology turned upside down.

“I was always into metal because I really liked the technicality and intensity of the genre. I had been playing locally in metal bands around Nashville and became friends with Ash Avildsen and Tosin Abasi of Reflux through show trades leading me to join their band. After that ended I joined Animosity and played with them for a few years until they called it quits. I never really intended to make a career playing metal but I’ve been fortunate to play with some of the most talented musicians in that community.

“After Animosity disbanded I wanted to take a break from the road and use the down time to do something totally different musically. I had developed a name for myself as a metal bassist, but felt that I never had a chance to show people what I can really do on the bass. I decided to do a solo album so that I could create a forum to give the public a little taste of what I’ve been doing for years. I had a ton of material and just felt like I should make an album out of it. The album is experimental in the sense that it has no other instruments besides the bass guitar. Literally every sound you hear on the album is from a bass.

“This is about as far from a metal release as you could get but I think that most metal fans are open minded enough to really like it or at the very least respect the artistic intention behind it. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy it.”