The Black Crowes Share “20 Years of Tall Tales”

You may recall earlier this month, The Black Crowes announced the release date of ‘Croweology’. Turns out, they have another surprise lined up!

Starting August 3, The Black Crowes will begin a web series titled “20 Years of Tall Tales,” and will release one episode per day for the month of August on their website. They will be commenting on many alleged happenings of the band, such as:

Did The Black Crowes — a band that has never played it musically or commercially safe and at times been crucified for it — really spend $1,000,000 recording an album (‘Tall’) that went unreleased for more than a decade?

Why was the band really fired from the Aerosmith tour before being reinstated?

Mark your calendars and don’t forget to catch The Black Crowes on their farewell tour!

[img credit: PAH]