Tancred to Release Debut Album in May

Now, Now guitarist Jess Abbott will release her solo album ‘Capes’ in May under the moniker Tancred.

Abbott issued the following statement about the album:

“Hello, all. Thank you so much for showing support and interest in this new project at such an early stage. For a long time I’ve been wanting to put actual thought and energy into my personal writing, and I think I’ve finally created something I’m ready to share with everyone beyond throwing some messy tracks up on the internet. And so I have written a record, and I’ll be honest that I’m a bit nervous to show you all. Tancred is such a new project but the more I listen to the songs and think about what I would like to do with them, the closer I become with this alias. I feel like Tancred is a separate world for my head to live in that I’ve been waiting to create. But before I get too Mary Shelley, the point of all this rambling: a few people have been asking, and I had been thinking of it anyway- I would like to preface the new record a bit and tell you how I see it in my own brain.

“‘Capes’ is a collection of ten musical vignettes. It has a run time of just under twenty minutes. None of the songs really have an identifiable format. However they do have recognizable beginnings, climaxes and ends, and string together in production and lyrical themes. My past solo music was pretty intricate in the guitar department, however ‘Capes’ only contains flickers of that style. The lyrical themes and imagery are what binds the vignettes for me. ‘Capes’ is a record that, in quick breaths, consists of vocals, guitars, keyboards, various percussion instruments and occasionally an unlearned accordion. Guitar is often the backbone of the songs, but they are also often a full band kind of thing, in a really gentle way. If that makes sense. If any of this makes sense.

“Again, thank you to those of you who have approached me about Tancred. I’m excited to share it with you.”

‘Capes’ will be available digitally on May 17 through No Sleep Records.

Check out the track “Lion Hands” below (via Filter), as well as the album’s tracklisting.


01. Old-fashioned
02. Black Cat
03. West
04. Lion Hands
05. Decorations
06. East
07. Before Gold
08. North
09. Two Years
10. Harvest and Holly