Soundgarden In ‘Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock’

As Soundgarden make their return to music, the band has brought forth a compilation album called ‘Telephantasm: A Restrospective’ which will be making its debut in the first shipments of ‘Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock,’ on September 28.

The CD version of the compilation will be available the following week on October 5, but expanded versions of ‘Telephantasm’ consisting of two CDs and one DVD will be available for sale on September 28.

Over 90 playable Soundgarden songs are in the new Guitar Hero, including a previously unreleased track of ‘Telephantasm’ called ‘Black Rain,’ which will debut in the game and will be on the compilation CD.

Chris Cornell told USA Today, “There are a lot of different ways to get your music out … This clearly to me is one way to do that. ‘Guitar Hero’ has actually turned on a lot of young music fans to music that they otherwise might not have ever heard.”

Rock out guitar heroes.

[img credit: Philip Rood Photography]