Rock Band 3 Makes Users Feel Like Real Stars

When you play Rock Band, do you have a problem with that high note? Not sure if you can hit that key in the right pitch? Well, now may be your chance to with Rock Band 3. Harmonix’s Rock Band recently signed a licensing agreement with iZotope, Inc., a research-driven audio signal processing company, that will provide Rock Band 3 users to utilize vocal effects  commonly used throughout the music industry within the comfort of their homes. 

Rock Band 3 is now not solely a game for fun, but it can now enhance the player’s singing and make them feel like rock stars.  Thanks to iZotope’s real-time pitch detection and pitch shifting middleware, Rock Band 3 players will now be able to sing on key more easily. “We’re excited to feature iZotope’s technology and this new middleware in Rock Band 3 so that our players can enjoy the type of vocal effects that professional rock stars utilize for live performances in their homes this holiday,” said Eran Egozy, CTO and co-founder of Harmonix. 

The game, which is due out during the holiday season, is striving to keep up with the personalization of technology that is now running the industry. “With the production values of video games rivaling that of commercial albums and blockbuster films, consumers expect the same caliber of video and audio quality during dynamic, real-time game play,” said Mark Ethier, CEO of iZotope.

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