Rilo Kiley Call It Quits

According to Spinner, Rilo Kiley are not on hiatus, they have officially broken up. Guitarist Blake Sennett explained, “I just felt like there was a lot of deception, disloyalty, greed and things I don’t really want to submit myself to. I had related that frustration to music but I just thought, ‘I’m not going to put myself in that position again,’ so I said, ‘F— that, I can’t do this anymore.'”

He continued, “It was probably immature and that came from a place of ego. I think that stuff will rear its head in anything you do, depending on the personnel you surround yourself with; things change overtime and people change and relationships change.”

Sennett later went on to say that the band still have a lot of unreleased songs that might become available in the near future. “I think we’re going to try and release a two-disc set of 40 songs, or something. I think that can be more considered like our last release, to me. But I don’t know.”

Rilo Kiley was formed in Los Angeles in 1998 and have released four studio albums to date. The band’s latest record, ‘Under the Blacklight’, was released in 2007.

Over the past few years, the members have kept themselves busy with solo projects. Frontwoman Jenny Lewis formed a band with her boyfriend Johnathan Rice under the moniker Jenny and Johnny. Bassist Pierre de Reeder formed a record label, Little Record Company. Drummer Jason Boesel released his debut solo album, ‘Hustler’s Son,’ in January 2010 via Team Love Records. And Sennett released ‘Bury Me in My Rings’ with his band The Elected in May 2011 via Vagrant Records.