Record a Song with Switchfoot

If you’ve ever dreamt of recording a song with a band like — shall we say — Switchfoot, then you’ll probably have a cow when you hear this: Switchfoot and Bidfire [a site not dissimilar to eBay] have teamed up to give some lucky person the chance to record a song with Switchfoot in their home studio [don’t freak out if you have no musical talent; even if you don’t play on the track, you can still help with the recording process!]. During the four days the winner will be spending in San Diego, you will not only get to hang out with the band, but you’ll have VIP access to Switchfoot’s show at the San Diego County Fair on June 24th as well as the events of the 6th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am [more info here: ].

You can register here: but be swift about it– the competition is currently underway.

Switchfoot is on tour again, playing in both the US as well as Europe, and will be touring with Goo Goo Dolls starting July 17th. Their tour dates can be viewed on their myspace.

  • Chris

    Wish me luck!!