Nurses to Release ‘Dracula’ in September

Portland-based indie rockers Nurses have returned with their new full-length, ‘Dracula,’ set for release on September 20 in the US and one day earlier in the UK via Dead Oceans. The album will be the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Apple’s Acre.’

Vocalist/guitarist Aaron Chapman explained, “‘Apple’s Acre’ was more rooted in the fantastical, intangible, surreal. After making that record we became way more interested in the more physical aspects of life — solid, real things. Mainly the human form. Dancing and playing basketball. Beats. How rhythm speaks to the body. ‘Dracula’ feels like it has more of a physical presence to us.”

Check out the record’s opening track “Fever Dreams” and tracklisting below.


01. Fever Dreams
02. You Lookin’ Twice
03. Extra Fast
04. Through the Window
05. So Sweet
06. Trying to Reach You
07. New Feelings
08. Wouldn’t Tell
09. Dancing Grass
10. Gold Jordan
11. Eternal Thrills