Motionless in White Part Ways with Guitarist TJ Bell

Motionless in White have officially parted ways with their guitarist, TJ Bell. The band stated that the reason they decided to let TJ go was “based on many issues we’ve been having with him over the years.”

Here’s an excerpt from a statement they issued via their Facebook page:

“The more major reason that we made this tough decision is because a few days before he ended up leaving, all of us in the band got into a pretty big conversation and Tj stated his admission to us that he doesn’t like any of us and is only in MIW because he doesn’t want to go home and have to work a real job. To us… we shouldn’t have to have someone in our band who doesn’t like any of us or who isn’t as passionate as we are about everything pertaining to MIW and our fans which you obviously know we care about greatly. We are over people always asking “Where’s Tj??” because he refuses to go meet fans after shows. I’m sure ANY of you reading this can agree that when you’re in a position like we are, where we are given an AMAZING chance to play music around the world.. you want someone in the band who ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THE BAND AND THE FANS. Tj has not only been our guitar player.. but more importantly… has been our friend since the beginning of his time in the band… we let all of the things he does that complicate our band slide by without ever threatening to kick him out because he was our friend. So naturally you can see how shocked we were by him saying he cant deal with all of us and why it makes sense for the better of the band. there’s no reason to be pissed off at him for making the choices in his life that he does.. like we preach on stage… everyone is entitled to do whatever they want with their life and that’s cool with us… but his life choices and our band just don’t mix anymore.”

Head here for the band’s full statement regarding Bell’s departure.