Mike Portnoy, Steve Morse, Neal Morse, Dave LaRue Form Supergroup

Mike Portnoy, Steve Morse, Neal Morse, Dave LaRue and vocalist Casey McPherson have formed a new as-yet-unnamed band.

The group has just entered the studio to begin work on their debut release.

“I think we are almost done with the writing/arranging process of the first song….it’s something that Casey planted the seed of and we just ran with it to many cool places,” stated Portnoy on his website.

According to Neal Morse, the project started when he got together with Steve Morse to do some writing and collaborating last April.

“We’re all excited about the project, but it is a bit of a mystery as to what will come. The vision is to do something a little more song-oriented and not quite so riffy, as one might expect. But still, of course, having the musical elements that people like Steve Morse, Dave LaRue, Mike Portnoy, and myself can provide,” commented Neal Morse.

Regarding the album’s release, Morse reportedly said, “Everyone’s schedule [is] a bit in flux and [they’re] very busy people so I don’t know how long it will take us to actually finish and release the record.”

  • Ellis Hand

    I’m ready

  • LT

    Anything with Dave LaRue will be fantastic and when you add the drumming combo of LaRue with Portnoy you have a fantastic backbone. Then you take the writing ability of Neal Morse and combine that with Steve Morse…this is exciting.

  • Rodrigo

    Fuck so much…..The best guys around world, Steve Morse and Mike Portnoy, will be in the same group !!!!……Great