Ex-Manowar Drummer Scott Columbus Passes Away

Former Manowar drummer Scott Columbus has died at the age of 54.

Manowar posted the following statement on their website:

“It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our brother Scott Columbus. Scott Columbus was a rare talent and equally a rare individual. He was a father, a friend and a brother of metal. All of the great moments we spent together in the studio, in our homes and on the road are burnished in our hearts and memories forever. These words are spoken with heavy hearts but we have the comfort of knowing that he is in a good place and at peace. He will never be forgotten.”

Columbus rose to prominence in the early ’80s after replacing Manowar drummer Donnie Hamzik. Following Manowar’s 1988 album ‘Kings of Metal,’ Columbus parted ways with the band. He later returned to the group in 1995 and played on ‘Warriors of the World,’ ‘Louder Than Hell, and ‘Gods of War’ before leaving in 2008.

It has been said that Columbus was such a powerful drummer that his drums had to be made of stainless steel in order to withstand his punishing blows. His kit became known as “The Drums of Doom.”

The cause of his death has not yet been determined.

  • Bjarte Fagerlid

    see bjarte fagerlid on facebook, manowar in Aarhus in denmark 31.01. 2016

  • Swagasaurus

    His drums in Valhalla send the nonliving enemies of Odin running with tails between their legs. R.I.P brother.

  • karl logan

    he are in hell, and waiting for the rest of manowar members ha-ha-ha-ha

  • Skye_444

     the truth of scott’s death WILL eventually come out…….stop hailing the “manowar clan”….they, especially “one” heartless coward in particular,F’uc&ed  scott by not having the “Courage” to tell scott personally that he was out of the band for the 2008 tour, and told ME (his girlfriend) on the phone that he had already replaced scott for that tour ….i asked mr demaio if scott knew this…he replied..verbatum….”i will not talk w/ him until i think he is sober”…..
    so, I got the wonderful job of  walking in to our home, telling him, and then picking him up a crumbled man from our bathroom floor…he was devastated…beyond……devastated…there went his 28+ year career…all b/c Mr. DeMaio suspected substance abuse……(ridiculous, as scott NEVER did drugs in his lifetime…believe me, i know.)
    this….. then escalated to NO ONE FROM MAGIC CIRCLE BEING ALLOWED TO SPEAK W/SCOTT>  ever.  Joey pulled out a 15 page synopsis of everyone at MCM being required to record ANY conversation they had w/ scott, pulled it from behind his jacket, and telling me, in the middle of a mall….”either wscott’s on drugs or losing his mind”
    ummmm…..what would you surmise, mr.demaio, after having just been accused of being an addict, demanding a drug test (b/c your girlfriend had a 8 year ago history of drug use)
    Is that how you can now , so  easily call him your “Brother”,  and “friend” and how much you’lll miss him?
    you’re all such lying faceless no-bodies who have seen an excellent opportunity to make even more money off of scott’s death.
    night after night, i’d sit here and watch him listen and watch manowar videos, sobbing.
    yeah, sobbing.
    but, he wasn’t allowed to call his friend eric, b/c joey put tracking devices in eveyone’s phone, so he could keep track of whom his “team” were talking with.
    scott was off-limits.
    as i speak as his girlfriend for 4 years…..i hate you all (not his fans)….for your false-ness and for what YOU did to him.
    i also have to blame myself …for not noticing his hopelessness….
    yet, we had 4 years of absolute love.
    his daughter didn’t help either….i supported scott for the last 4 years….if he needed something else, he was terrified to call her..as she usually hung up on him.
    so….please….i have recordings, paperwork, photos, a lawyer…..
    i want the truth to be known….. i am not bashing scott’s legacy in anyway what so ever…
    i didn’t even know what a MANOWAR was when i met him…it was his eyes that i fell in love with……and i honestly can say, i fell in love w/ him every morning….he was that beautiful of a human.
    i tried all i could to save him….but someplace back there, he was done with this world.
    i do not think anyone can imagine the emptiness and extreme blankness i feel. i loved that stupid guy!!!!
    so , please, hold his memory as high as you can…for him, but also for me.

  • Viper

    Scotty is my cousin. Our family is in mourning, but, I know one thing…He loved playing with Manowar. I will miss you cousin. susan

  • Hugin

    To Boss Pinto: exactly the sentence I thought about when I learned that sad news. This sentence, his play on drums, his music, will though remain forever in our hearts. Thanks for everything Scott. R.I.P.

  • Boss Pinto

    Mr. Scott Columbus has returned and he pounds his drums like the Hammer of THOR!

  • Phogroian

    Condolences to his family. He entertained legions of fans with his music, he had a gift that he honed and shared with us all.

    • Coolcutz2001

      Valhalla………..the gods await him, open thy gates and praise him. Rip Scott.

  • Animalfreire

    He wait for us in the gates of Valhala, HAIL SCOTT!!!!!!

  • VulgarPersonFromHell