Little Feat Drummer Richie Hayward Loses Battle to Cancer

Little Feat drummer Richie Hayward died Thursday in Vancouver, BC from a tumultuous battle with liver cancer. Hayward, who was 64 when he died, had been awaiting a liver transplant for over a year and was the focus of many benefits because of his lack of health insurance.

One of the founding members of the cherished rock band Little Feat, Hayward never gave up his lifelong passion for music. Hayward continued to perform with the group through its hardships, smash hits (including “Fat Man in the Bathtub”) and breakup in 1979, and then again with its reunion in 1987. Hayward wouldn’t let cancer interfere with his devotion to music –- he played his last show on July 11th

Pneumonia, as a result from liver cancer, is what ultimately drove Hayward to his deathbed. Although cancer may have captured another rock icon too early, Hayward’s fans and family will always remember Hayward for his passion and commitment to music.