Life On Repeat to Release ‘Struggle + Sleep’ in June

Life On Repeat will be releasing their debut studio album ‘Struggle + Sleep’ on June 14 via Equal Vision Records.

“You can expect a much more edgy and polished sound on the new record,” explained vocalist Patrick Purves. “As far as subject matter, the new album is much more honest. Every song is about a personal event that has either happened to me or somebody I know.”

“So many people go through the motions of life without getting all they can out of it and without living life to the fullest,” continued Purves. “I was once told, ‘Life is nothing but struggle and sleep.’ I can’t help but find it to be very depressing, but very true at the same time. People should never live their life that way, filled with negativity and anger within them. I would much rather put my efforts into staying positive and accomplishing goals, even in the face of adversity.”

‘Struggle + Sleep’ was recorded in Bethesda, MD at Oceanic Recording Studios with Taylor Larson (Sky Eats Airplane, Of Legends). “Wide Awake,” the first single off the record, will be digitally released on May 3.

Struggle + Sleep

01. Struggle & Sleep
02. The Waiting Game
03. The Need, Not The Cause
04. Southern Girls
05. Rock The Boat
06. Feet Under
07. Layover Letdown
08. Sinking
09. Without You Here
10. Wide Awake