Late Nite Wars Call It Quits

Pop punk act Late Nite Wars have decided to break up. The band issued the following statement:

“It’s tough to keep a band together when everyone’s priorities are different. Touring isn’t for everyone. Being in this band proved that. After three years as a band, we feel like we’ve exhausted all of our efforts to continue. We’ve come to the point as friends and bandmates where we want to pursue different directions in music and in our personal lives. We released our first full-length earlier this year called, “Who’s Going to Miss You If You Go?” on Panic Records. I guess that title has become more fitting than ever.

“We want to thank everyone involved that has helped and supported us: Timm McIntosh/Panic Records, Johnnie Limit/Arrest Records, Tucker Leighty/Pure Noise Records, James Carroll, Ryan Stack, Josh Hynes, all of the bands that we got to play with and become friends with, and to anyone who came out and saw our band live, purchased a physical form of music from us, downloaded our music for free, and most especially to everyone who saw our band for what it was and not some fucking Real World gimmick.

“We are incredibly sorry to anyone that planned to see us this summer with Washington Square Park. When our van broke down on the first day of tour and wouldn’t let us leave Massachusetts, it proved that our curse with band transportation continued. All of us will continue to play music in some form or another. Stay connected with us to find out about future projects. We won’t clog up your Twitter and Facebook feeds with post-mortem posts.

“We will be playing a few final shows with awesome friends. Take a look at the poster for all the details.”

Late Nite Wars’ debut full-length, ‘Who’s Going to Miss You If You Go?,’ was released on May 10 through Panic Records.