Lamb of God to Release New Album in January

Lamb of God’s new record, ‘Resolution,’ will be released on January 24 in North America via Epic Records. The album was produced by Josh Wilbur, who also worked on 2009’s ‘Wrath.’

On his official website, drummer Chris Adler remarked, “The album is done. Details coming soon. The first set of invitees have been brought in to listen (no press copies kids), and the response is fantastic. Press has begun for the release and the tours we have coming in 2012. We’ve made it this far.”

According to Blabbermouth, there will also be a special UK pre-order for a limited edition album bundle. It is set to include a bonus live album titled ‘Wrath – Tour 2009/2010.’


01. Straight for the Sun
02. Desolation
03. Ghost Walking
04. Guilty
05. The Undertow
06. The Number Six
07. Barbarosa
08. Invictus
09. Cheated
10. Insurrection
11. Terminally Unique
12. To the End
13. Visitation
14. King Me

Wrath – Tour 2009/2010

01. The Passing
02. In Your Words
03. Set to Fail
04. Walk With Me in Hell
05. Hourglass
06. Now You’ve Got Something to Die For
07. Ruin
08. As the Palaces Burn
09. Blacken the Cursed Sun
10. Laid to Rest
11. Redneck
12. Black Label