Korn to Release ‘The Path of Totality’ in December

Korn’s tenth studio album, ‘The Path of Totality,’ is scheduled for release on December 6 via Roadrunner Records. The full-length is a collaborative effort between the band and some of the most well-known dubstep and electronic producers in the scene today, including Skrillex, Excision, Datsik, Noisia, Kill the Noise, and 12th Planet.

The new album will be released in two configurations: as a standard 11-song CD and a special edition CD that will include bonus tracks as well as a DVD of Korn Live: The Encounter.

“The title ‘The Path of Totality’ refers to the fact that in order to see the sun in a full solar eclipse, you must be in the exact right place in the exact right time,” frontman Jonathan Davis explained in a statement. “That’s how this album came together. I think all the producers feel the same way. I’m not sure it could ever happen again.”

Here are a few of the song titles from ‘The Path of Totality’ that have already been disclosed: “Narcissistic Cannibal,” “Burn the Obedient,” “Illuminati,” “Kill Mercy Within,” and “Chaos Lives in Everything.”