Klaxons Announce New EP

Klaxons will be releasing a free five-track EP titled ‘Landmarks of Lunacy’ on Christmas Day.

Recorded with James Ford, the EP features unreleased material from the band’s ‘Surfing The Void’ studio sessions.

The band remarked, “There are periods of time that we have spent together as a band that the only suitable word that comes close to describing them is ‘magical’. The three nocturnal weeks spent at Black Box studio in 2008 under the loving guidance of James Ford was undeniably the point where the magic was peaking.”

“Sometimes the only way to let a story release it’s full power and potential is to offer it up to the universe – so here it is – ‘Landmarks of Lunacy’. It’s time to let the music do the talking.”

Landmarks of Lunacy:

01. The Pale Blue Dot
02. Silver Forest
03. Ivy Leaves
04. Wildeflowers
05. Marble Fields

You can pick up the new release via Klaxons’ official website on Saturday, December 25.