Guitarist Ed Mundell Quits Monster Magnet

Guitarist Ed Mundell has left Monster Magnet for “personal reasons.”

Frontman Dave Wyndorff has released the following statement:

“After 18 years Ed’s left Monster Magnet for ‘personal reasons.’ What can I say? He told me this two months ago and I gave him some time for him to perhaps reconsider but no go. It’s a bummer, yeah but we’ve been through this kind of thing before. Make no mistake, Magnet goes on. We start the Mastermind tour tonight in Cologne, Germany with Phil Caivano and Garrett Sweeny handling duel guitar chores.”

He adds, “I’d like to thank Ed for the immense talent he’s brought to the band over the years and wish him good luck in whatever he decides to do next. Good luck, Ed, we’ll miss you!”

  • Jango

    Here is Ed's official statement from his website:

    "Firstly, I want to thank all of the Monster Magnet fans for 18 years of friendship and support.
    I remember when I had to fill John Mc Bain's shoes in 1992; I remember playing along with Spine of God and Medicine, and how thrilled I was to play those songs live.
    Jump forward 18 years and I am now looking forward to new musical collaborations with new producers, songwriters and musicians.
    While I am very proud of the immense volume of Monster Magnet work we have achieved, I am excited to explore new musical ventures.
    I look forward to you hearing my new work in the coming months.
    I love Dave and the guys like brothers and have no doubt we will collaborate in the future.
    I think the new album rocks, give it a listen.
    ED "