Flogging Molly Ready ‘Speed of Darkness’

Celtic punk rock act Flogging Molly are preparing for the release of their fifth studio album, ‘Speed of Darkness.’

“It wasn’t the album we set out to write. It became the album we had to write,” explained frontman Dave King in a press statement.

Produced by Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers), ‘Speed of Darkness’ is set to drop on May 31 via Borstal Beat Records.

Flogging Molly are currently on their 7th annual Green 17 Tour.

Speed of Darkness

01. Speed of Darkness
02. Revolution
03. The Heart of the Sea
04. Don’t Shut ‘Em Down
05. The Power’s Out
06. So Sail On
07. Saints & Sinners
08. Present State of Grace
09. The Cradle of Human Kind
10. Oliver Boy (All of Our Boys)
11. A Prayer For Me In Silence
12. Rise Up