Fight Fair to Release ‘Broken’ EP in May

Pop punk outfit Fight Fair are scheduled to release their new EP, ‘Broken,’ on May 17 via Triple Crown Records.

“After trying something new on our debut LP ‘California Kicks,’ we wanted to do a record of songs that shows where the band came from, going back to our debut EP ‘Settle The Score,’” explained frontman Alex Bigman in a press statement. “The ‘Broken’ EP is the culmination of our progression and the experiences we’ve had as a band in the past 7 years. With the help of producer Sam Pura at the Panda Studios in Fremont California, we created an exciting new record that explores issues of friendship, relationships, and life changes. With 5 songs at a fast 10 minute length, ‘Broken’ is a record for everyone who’s followed us since the beginning. We have a very eclectic taste in music and we used that dynamic when creating this EP.”


01. The Upper Hand
02. Broken
03. How Do I
04. HeartattaCk Back Issues
05. Far Apart