Ex-Warrant Vocalist Jani Lane Dies

Former Warrant frontman Jani Lane has passed away at the age of 47 from unknown causes. According to TMZ, Lane was found dead at the Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, CA.

Born John Kennedy Oswald, Lane changed his name before relocating to LA in the early 1980s. He joined Warrant in 1986, replacing the band’s original lead singer, Adam Shore. The vocalist went on to write a slew of Top 40 hit singles for the glam rock act, including “Cherry Pie,” “Heaven,” “Down Boys,” “Sometimes She Cries,” “I Saw Red,” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

Lane left Warrant for the first time in March 1993, after the release of the band’s third record, ‘Dog Eat Dog.’ He returned a year later and recorded three new studio albums with the group before leaving again in 2004. During that time, Lane also released his solo debut, ‘Back Down to One,’ in Europe via Z Records.

In 2008, Lane joined back up with Warrant and played a few shows but eventually decided to part ways with the band, allegedly due to songwriting disagreements and “too much water under the bridge.”

Throughout the years, Lane continued to lend his vocals to tribute albums, and even joined a supergroup called Saints of the Underground which featured drummer Bobby Blotzer and bassist Robbie Crane of Ratt as well as Alice Cooper guitarist Keri Kelli.

For his indelible songwriting and passion for rock ‘n’ roll, Jani Lane will surely be missed.