Direct Hit! Prep ‘Domesplitter’

Pop punk act Direct Hit! are gearing up to release their debut full-length, ‘Domesplitter,’ on August 2 via Kind of Like Records. The album, which was recorded in an array of studios throughout Milwaukee and Madison, WI, will be available on vinyl and CD through online retailers and the label’s webstore.

To raise money to record ‘Domesplitter,’ the band released a limited edition box set of their past EPs. The 100 box sets included a card that asked fans which songs they liked the most. “We tallied the votes from anyone who mailed the card back to us,” said vocalist/guitarist Nick Woods in a press statement. “So the folks who bought a box set, and helped us pay to record our album, are the ones who picked the songs.”

Check out the album’s tracklisting and take a listen to “Monster in the Closet” below.


01. Snickers or Reese’s (Pick Up the Pieces)
02. Satan Says
03. Monster in the Closet
04. Kingdom Come
05. Boredom Addict
06. Failed Invasion
07. We Are Alone
08. Living Dead
09. In Orbit
10. They Came for Me