Capsule Reveal New Album Details

Miami hardcore trio Capsule are set to release their new album, ‘No Ghost,’ on April 12 via Rorschach Records.

‘No Ghost’ was recorded between October 2009 and July 2010 by Ryan Haft, who was picked up by the band after their first release on Robotic Empire (a seven song EP on tape recorded by drummer Eric Hernandez and guitarist/vocalist Colin Smith).

Hernandez says of the new album, “It was great since we could really take our time on it; we did some touring in between making the record and the songs would sink in and begin to take shape as we’d play them live, then we’d get back to the studio and re-record a guitar or vocal track and it would take the song in a different direction that we didn’t think of a month before. In a way we got to see/hear the record from multiple perspectives and take the time to re-visit what we’d already done so we can take it a step further. The process was similar with ‘Blue’ (recording, touring, recording), but this time we could literally wake up, fix up some lucky charms, and hit the record button; the music starts to feel like a family member that you’ve watched grow since birth, and that closeness with the music was something we didn’t have with ‘Blue.’

We’re psyched it worked out with Rorschach records, who are also based out of Richmond, VA. We really feel at home in Richmond thanks to Robotic Empire, so it’s just a natural step for us.”

No Ghost

01. Neuralize So Numb
02. Small Caps / Outline
03. Ton Work
04. World Citizen
05. Graft
06. Rylan
07. Isn’t Us
08. Kayso
09. Gown of Frost
10. Miscology

Tour Dates:

03/15 – Orlando, FL – Wills Pub
03/16 – Gainsville, FL – Wayward Council
03/17 – Athens, GA
03/18 – Louisvile, KY
03/19 – Indianapolis, IN – The Dojo
03/20 – Chicago, IL – Kostner House
03/21 – Grand Rapids, MI – DAAC
03/22 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
03/23 – Pittsburgh, PA
03/24 – Bethlehem, PA – St. Bernards
03/25 – NY, NY – The Acheron
03/26 – Boston, MA
03/27 – NY, NY
03/28 – Philadelphia, PA – The Brothel
03/29 – Baltimore, MD
03/30 – Washington, DC – Hole in the Sky
03/31 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter
04/01 – Greensboro, NC – Legitimate Business
04/02 – Blacksburg, VA – Macrock
04/03 – Chapel Hill, NC – Nightlight
04/04 – Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern