Breaking Benjamin Vocalist Fires Two Bandmates

According to The Citizens’ Voice of Wilkes-Barre, Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley has fired guitarist Aaron Fincke and bassist Mark Klepaski. The firing was reportedly done via email after the singer discovered that his bandmates made a deal with Hollywood Records to issue a remix of “Blow Me Away.”

The vocalist’s attorney, Brian Caplan, told the Associated Press that Burnley will be hiring new bandmates and plans to continue Breaking Benjamin. Caplan stated, “The relationship between Mr. Burnley and the two other members of the band has ended. Mr. Burnley intends on moving forward using the name Breaking Benjamin and the band will continue. It just won’t continue in its prior configuration. He’s not retiring.”

Breaking Benjamin’s latest studio album, ‘Dear Agony,’ came out in September 2009 via Hollywood Records.