Bobaflex Reveal New Album Details

Bobaflex’s new album, ‘Hell in My Heart,’ comes out on August 30 via BFX Records/Megaforce. In a press statement, vocalist/guitarist Marty McCoy remarked, “We’ve been through a war just trying to play our music. We put it all into this record and its the most real and best sounding to date. We’re at the top of our game live, and with this new record I’m confident nothing can stop this band.”

In an interview with Rock Edition, Shaun McCoy explained, “We tried to write the album not necessarily old school but you can hear a hearkening from the ’70s and ’80s. We wanted it to be a listenable album. There’s a lot of albums I love by Pink Floyd and stuff, but they’re not albums you can just listen to in your car every day. With this record, we wanted it to be something that you could just play constantly. With the 15 songs, we have three different singers — Jerod [Mankin] is singing lead on a few songs for the first time and my brother Marty [McCoy] sings about half of the record. You get a lot of different vibes, and the band’s never boring, which keeps you involved.”

Hell in My Heart

01. Hell in My Heart (Intro)
02. Chemical Valley
03. Bury Me with My Guns
04. Low-Life
05. Vampire
06. Playing Dead
07. Sing
08. Empty Man
09. Slave
10. Dangerous
11. Last Song
12. On That Night
13. Hate You
14. Rise
15. Sound of Silence
16. Pretty Razors (Live) *

* = Bonus track