Bassist Ivy Vujic Leaves Kittie

Bassist Ivy Vujic has decided to part ways with Kittie. Former member Trish Doan, who played on the group’s 2007 album ‘Funeral for Yesterday,’ will take her place.

Vujic issued the following statement:

“After 4 amazing years of jamming with my crazy metal sisters of Kittie, I am officially resigning as their bass player.

“I’ve had an incredible time touring the world with these ladies and I am very grateful for all the fun I’ve had and amazing things I’ve had the opportunity to experience.

“After a lot of touring and 2 albums with Kittie, I feel it is time for me to move on. There are still other things for me to do in my life and although I will always appreciate Kittie and the amazing fans we have, it does not fit my plans right now. I will however continue to write and play music and plan to eventually tour again.

“I really want to say that Kittie seriously has some of the most incredible fans! I love how well we have been treated all over the world by Kittie fans, you are truly amazing! Thank you for accepting me into your hearts and treating us all like family when we come through your towns. Bands need that love and support to keep them going strong, and Kittie is nothing without you.

“I have made some life long friends in different parts of the world and I hope to see you all again some day soon. You know who you are.

“My last appearances with Kittie will be our upcoming hometown shows in London and Toronto this February, as well as the Soundwave festival in Australia immediately after. I wish the Kittie girls the best of luck in all of their future endeavours and I know they will continue to be successful in whatever they do.

“Thanks for allowing me into your family girls!”

Doan remarked, “I am very happy to be reunited with the Kittie family. The girls and I have remained close friends over the last 7 years and I am excited to have this amazing opportunity. I am looking forward to seeing everyone when we go back on the road this spring. I wish Ivy all the best!”

Kittie are set to hit the road this spring in continued support of their latest release, ‘I’ve Failed You.’