Bassist David Pajo Leaves Interpol

Photo: Jelle Wagenaar

Bassist David Pajo has decided to part ways with Interpol.

Pajo is the second bassist to leave Interpol in less than a year; Former bassist Carlos Dengler departed in May 2010.

“I would like to announce that I will no longer be performing live with Interpol on their upcoming campaign,” remarked Pajo in a statement on Interpol’s website. “I’ll be taking a break from touring to focus on family. There are no personal, artistic or health reasons—it’s really as simple as that!”

Pajo continued, “I would like to thank Paul, Daniel, Sam, Brandon, everyone in the crew, and all of the Interpol fans for the remarkable support and patronage they have shown me during my time with them. I feel a tremendous amount of love and respect for everyone involved and will genuinely miss them.”

Interpol stated, “Dave has decided to step out of the spotlight for a spell, and will no longer be touring with Interpol. We’re all friends. It’s just an Out-of-the-hotel, Into-the-home sorta thing. He’s going to be missed to be sure. Aside from being an exceptional musician, Pajo is a wonderful person to be around. He’s sharp as a tack and funny as all get-out. Anyway, if you saw us perform recently, I’m sure you’ll agree – we were lucky to have him.”

Replacing Pajo will be Brad Truax, who has worked with a slew of acts including Home, Soldiers of Fortune, Gang Gang Dance, The Broke Revue, Animal Collective, Cass McCombs and White Magic.