August Burns Red Reveal New Album Details

August Burns Red’s fourth studio album, ‘Leveler,’ drops on June 21 through Solid State Records.

For the first time, the band will release a new album in both regular and deluxe editions. In a press statement, lead guitarist JB Brubaker explained, “For the bonus tracks on the deluxe editions, we were able to collaborate with some close friends and amazing musicians. Our friends in the post rock band Bells did an amazing job reworking our song ‘Pangaea’ and making it into something completely different. It sounds absolutely huge and we love it. Our close friend, Zach Veilleux, a virtuoso piano player, shredded a piano rendition of our song ‘Boys of Fall.’ Dustin and I recorded an acoustic version of our song ‘Internal Cannon’ with some mariachi flare and a ridiculous guitar solo courtesy of Jason Suecof. Finally, we threw in one of the original midi tracks from the Leveler writing process to give everyone an idea of how our songs sound before they get recorded. It’s pure 1988 Nintendo bliss.”

In regards to the album artwork, which was designed by Jordan Crane, Brubaker remarked, “What we were going for with the cover was an image of a house that had been destroyed by a natural disaster. The cover depicts a house that has been leveled by something like a hurricane. You can see the trees in the background are bent sideways from enduring strong winds. There are a bunch of chickens in the foreground who have come out of hiding to continue on with their daily activities. The chickens represent the calm after the storm. They represent life and the promise of a new day. The art has a real indie-rock vibe to it, which I like because while we’re obviously not an indie band, we’re not a typical metal band either.”

In support of their upcoming release, the band will be a headliner on this year’s Warped Tour.


01. Empire
02. Internal Cannon
03. Divisions
04. Cutting the Ties
05. Pangaea
06. Carpe Diem
07. 740 Nights
08. Salt & Light
09. Poor Millionaire
10. 1/16/2011
11. Boys of Fall
12. Leveler

Bonus Tracks for Deluxe Edition:

13. Internal Cannon (acoustic)
14. Pangaea (performed by Bells)
15. Boys of Fall (performed by Zachary Veilleux)
16. Empire (midi)

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    Can anyone tell me where to get the sheet music for Zachary Veilleux’s performance of Boys of Fall?