Atreyu Go on Hiatus

Atreyu are taking a break to “recharge and focus” on other projects, tweeted frontman Alex Varkatzas.

Varkatzas remarked, “Atreyu is taking a long long break after 11 [years] of rocking. We [aren’t] breaking up but we [aren’t] writing, recording or touring for a while. Simply taking a break to recharge and focus on different parts of our lives. Much love.”

“Thanks to everyone who has supported us and given us a reason to exist over the past 11 [years]. We hope to see you again 1 day. Until next time.”

“All of us have other projects we are excited about and urge you to check them out if you miss us too much.”

  • Jamesgmen

    ill show some love for ya, it aint easy to do this stuff for song long, and i will be checking out all of your works, come back at it soon good luck to all fo you!