Art Brut Reveal New Album Details

Art Brut are set to release their fourth studio album on May 23 via Cooking Vinyl.

Entitled ‘Brilliant! Tragic!,’ the band’s new album was produced by Pixies frontman Black Francis and recorded in only two weeks.

Frontman Eddie Argos remarked in a press statement, “With the last album we met up every couple of months and wrote three or four songs. This time we got together in the second half of the year and wrote whenever we could 2 or 3 times a week. We had more time in the studio this time too (about a week more) so Black Francis had time to teach me how to sing. I’m very proud that I sing on it. Only took four albums to start singing, not bad.”

Download Art Brut’s new track “Unprofessional Wrestling” below and head over to PledgeMusic to learn how to download a free live EP from the band.

Brilliant! Tragic!

01. Clever Clever Jazz
02. Lost Weekend
03. Bad Comedian
04. Sexy Sometimes
05. Is Dog Eared.
06. Martin Kemp Welch Five A-Side Football Rules!
07. Axel Rose.
08. I Am The Psychic
09. Ice Hockey
10. Sealand