Anvil to Release ‘Monument of Metal: The Very Best of Anvil’ in September

Anvil are scheduled to release their new best of album, ‘Monument of Metal: The Very Best of Anvil,’ on September 27 via The End Records.

“This compilation demonstrates the full diversities of the Anvil’s sound and feel, from the classics though the dark years to the current,” stated drummer Robb Reiner. “These tracks are more to do with power and melody rather than just the speed aspect, although there relevant gems included here! We could endlessly compile Anvil tracks, as most are outstanding in their own rights. I feel this Monument of Metal makes a statement introducing Anvil to new pounders along satisfying the faithful.”

Vocalist/guitarist Steve “Lips” Kudlow added, “This compilation is a great diverse collection of Anvil’s history. It’s a good retrospective of 30+ years of the creating and recording of Anvil’s music. These tracks are among some of our favorites.”

Monument of Metal: The Very Best of Anvil

01. Metal on Metal (Re-recorded) (‘Metal on Metal,’ 1982)
02. Winged Assassins (Re-recorded) (‘Forged in Fire,’ 1983)
03. 666 (‘This is Thirteen,’ 2009)
04. Thumb Hang (‘This is Thirteen,’ 2009)
05. School Love (Re-recorded) (‘Hard ‘N’ Heavy,’ 1981)
06. Heat Sink (‘Metal on Metal,’ 1982)
07. March of the Crabs (Instrumental) (‘Metal on Metal,’ 1982)
08. Plenty of Power (‘Plenty of Power,’ 2001)
09. Mothra (‘Metal on Metal,’ 1982)
10. Sins of the Flesh (‘Worth the Weight,’ 1992)
11. Jackhammer (Live) (‘Past & Present: Live in Concert,’ 1989)
12. Juggernaut of Justice (‘Juggernaut of Justice,’ 2011)
13. No One to Follow (‘Absolutely No Alternative,’ 1997)
14. Mad Dog (‘Strength of Steel,’ 1997)
15. Bottom Feeder (‘Back to Basics,’ 2004)
16. Race Against Time (‘Still Going Strong,’ 2002)
17. American Refugee (‘This is Thirteen,’ 2007)
18. Fire in the Night (‘Pound for Pound,’ 1988)
19. Park That Truck (‘Speed of Sound,’ 1999)

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