Alice Cooper to Release ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’ in September

Alice Cooper’s new record, ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare,’ is scheduled for release on September 13 via Universal Music Enterprises. The album was recorded with longtime collaborator Bob Ezrin, who produced the 1975 prequel ‘Welcome to My Nightmare.’

“This is Alice’s nightmare 35 years later,” explained Cooper in a press statement. “Bob and I created this character and we know how to write for him. I play the part but we’re not writing for me, we’re writing for Alice. We kept the first Nightmare album very personal to us, on this one we found more humor and we were more open. This was our world and we want to present it to the fans. The original album was my first solo album after all those huge hit records with the original band and now that nightmare is exposed, this one can be a little bit more open. The music crosses all sorts of boundaries; we went where the lyrics took us.”

The upcoming release includes guest appearances from original Alice Cooper members Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce, and Neal Smith. Lou Reed guitarist Steve Hunter, who is part of Alice’s current touring band, is also prominently featured on the record.

Surprisingly, the shock rocker also collaborated with pop superstar Ke$ha this time around. About the collaboration, Cooper remarked, “I think a lot of my audience is going to go ‘KE$HA!?,’ but she probably wrote the most wicked lyrics in the song -– we had to rein her in. I like people to know that just because artists are put in a pigeon hole, that doesn’t mean that’s what they are. Give people a little room.”

Alice and his band are currently out on a worldwide tour. Head here for the tour dates.

Welcome 2 My Nightmare

01. I Am Made of You
02. Caffeine
03. The Nightmare Returns
04. A Runaway Train
05. Last Man on Earth
06. The Congregation
07. I’ll Bite Your Face Off
08. Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever
09. Ghouls Gone Wild
10. Something to Remember Me By
11. When Hell Comes Home
12. What Baby Wants
13. I Gotta Get Outta Here
14. The Underture