Alexisonfire Shed Info On New EP ‘Dog’s Blood’

In an interview with Spinner, Alexisonfire singer George Pettit describes “Dog’s Blood” and “Black as Jet,” two songs off Alexisonfire’s upcoming EP, as “fast, heavy” songs.

Pettit also mentions, “There’s a lot of freedom that comes with doing an EP. I feel like if you put out an album and you take a lot of liberties musically, you’re more likely to see a lot of backlash — whereas if you put out an EP and it’s got some interesting, different songs on it, you can get away with it easier.”

Since the band will not touring until they head over to Australia in October, with the exception of two shows in Canada, Alexisonfire intends to use this time to finally lay down all the tracks for the 4-song EP.