12 Stones to Release ‘Only Human’ in August

Photo: Mark Anthony Jeffries

12 Stones’ fourth studio album, ‘Only Human,’ is scheduled for release on August 23 on the Executive Music Group label via Fontana/Universal.

‘Only Human’ was produced by Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, Skillet, Saliva), who had previously worked with 12 Stones on their 2007 album ‘Anthem for the Underdog.’ The first single and video from ‘Only Human’ are expected to debut sometime next month.

“One of the things that I love about this record is that there are so many different things,” vocalist Paul McCoy recently told Revolver Magazine. “We’ve got some songs that are really heavy and then some really nice songs that have a full orchestra behind them. There’s a lot of variety on this record. Those 12 Stones fans that like the heavy stuff, we’ve got something for them. And the 12 Stones people who like ‘Lie to Me’ and stuff like that, we’ve got plenty of songs in there for them as well. This album’s our most mature for sure.”

In support of their upcoming album, the New Orleans-based rockers will soon be announcing summer touring plans.

  • Joel_stands

    I am now seeing  early 2012 is this ts true

  • Joel_stands

     yeah well now people are saying september 20, september 12, October 15 backordered since july 8 how can that be its even out yet and 2020 december 31

    • It looks like their new album might actually be coming out in September. If you check out the lyric video for “Bulletproof,” it says that ‘Only Human’ will be available on September 6. http://www.rockedition.com/videos/12-stones-bulletproof-lyric-video/

      • Joel_stands

        Well then why aren’t any retail stores showing it  in their databases and when can when preorder it and expect coverart

        • I don’t know, Joel. I’m sure they’re working on it. As soon as we have any more information, we’ll share it on the site!

  • Joel_stands

     their twitter says september6th jesusfreak hideout and other sources say august 23rd which is it

    • Back in May, we were given a press release that stated that the album would be out on August 23. However, release dates are always subject to change. If the band says that their album is now coming out September 6, it probably is.

      • Joel_stands

        Thank you Dude that’s kinda  what I thought bands usually Don’t lie about this sort of thing either way  I  NOW HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN WHAT OTHERWISE WOULD HAVE BEEN A BORRING REMAINDER OF 2011