12 Stones to Release ‘Beneath the Scars’ in May

12 Stones’ fourth studio album, ‘Beneath the Scars,’ comes out May 22 on the Executive Music Group label via Fontana/Universal Records. The band joined forces (once again) with producer Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, Skillet, Saliva), who previously worked with the group on 2007’s ‘Anthem for the Underdog.’

“The album title comes from knowing that we all eventually fall short of our expectations regardless of financial, emotional, and physical well-being,” explained singer Paul McCoy in a statement. “But in the same breath, we all strive to find a way to better ourselves. That’s human nature. There are always two sides to people. It’s all about realizing that we all bleed the same. We are all human. Lyrically, the songs capture the essence of life’s challenges. As an example, the song ‘I’m With You’ is about the impact a friend’s suicide had on all of us in the band. It’s a song of hope for those that are going through the trials we all face and the hardships that are a part of life.”

Fans who pre-order ‘Beneath the Scars’ from the band’s official website will have early download access to six songs starting March 6.

Beneath the Scars

01. Infected
02. Bulletproof
03. For the Night
04. Worlds Collide
05. That Changes Everything
06. The One Thing
07. Blind
08. I’m With You
09. Bury Me
10. Psycho
11. Only Human
12. Someone Like You
13. Shine on Me
14. Pretty Poison