The Dance Party Lives Up To Their Name

“Is today the epic hangover day after the weekend?” cried The Dance Party guitarist Kevin Bayly to the crowd on Monday evening.

Although Labor Day weekend usually ends with a hangover for many, there was no evidence of this at The Mercury Lounge in New York City. Pop-dance group The Dance Party upheld their name, providing a lively performance that kept the crowd moving.

Don’t let the name fool you – there weren’t any glow sticks or ecstasy tablets being passed around like at a rave. Lead singer Mike Coogan hypnotized his audience with his ample stage presence, shaking his ass in tight skinny jeans and emphasizing every beat with his legs.

With their catchy party-pop songs that are sure to permeate commercial radio in the future, The Dance Party is a brilliant mix of 80s pop and 90s punk that leaves the audience pondering how the band even has that much energy.

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Sep 18 2010: DJ Set @ The Standard Hotel – Los Angeles, CA
Sep 18 2010: Spaceland – Los Angeles, CA
Sep 22 2010: Crazy Girls – Hollywood, CA
Sep 24 2010: Fitzgeralds – Huntington Beach, CA
Oct 01 2010: Rock and Roll Hotel – Washington, DC