The Vacant Lots – “Kingdom Come” (Roger Brogan Remix)

Drone rock act The Vacant Lots have released a free download for New Year’s Eve. The previously unreleased song, “Kingdom Come,” was remixed by Spectrum drummer Roger Brogan, who is also credited with drums, percussion, electronics, and drone for the track.

The Vacant Lots have never made a secret of the influence that Spectrum, its frontman Sonic Boom, and his original band Spacemen 3, have had upon their music. Indeed, this “Kingdom Come” remix sounds like it could easily have been an outtake from Spectrum’s 1992 album “Soul Kiss/Glide Divine,” with vocals drenched in reverb and delay, swooshing synthesizers, rich organ and bass tones, and bluesy guitar licks with tremolo for miles.

Check out the Hillary Archer-edited video for “Kingdom Come” and also download the Roger Brogan remix below.