Free Download: The New Czars – “Brush With The Devil”

What happens when three musicians with notable backgrounds join together? The formation of an even more impressive progressive-rock band, The New Czars. Consisting of bassist Paul III, drummer David “Chilli” Moreno, and singer/guitarist Greg Hampton, The New Czars have drawn from a melting pot of influences to create their own self-proclaimed form of Euro-American rock.

After years of producing for a variety of artists, ranging from Alice Cooper to Lita Ford, Hampton decided it was time for him to start making music of his own. Hampton reached out to Paul III, who had played and written with many artists, including Christina Aguilera and Pink. Fortunately for Hampton, Paul III was ready to venture out of the pop world and into the universe of his own rock vision. The duo drafted Moreno and became one of the heavier progressive rock bands of our time.

The New Czars didn’t take their debut album ‘Doomsday Revolution,’ set for release on September 14 via Samson Records, carelessly.The trio worked around their own busy schedules to record at several different studios. Although they didn’t even get to play directly with him, the band made sure that ‘Doomsday Revolution’ featured several tracks with distinguished guitarist Adrian Belew.

“I always wanted to work with Adrian,” said Hampton. “His sensibilities for progressive and weird stuff and pop stuff are certainly on par with my thinking.”

Check out this free download of The New Czars! Don’t worry – this won’t be the last that you hear from them. The band recorded 24 songs and is already prepping for the next album. Only this time, The New Czars hope to all get in that recording studio together.

[img credit: Neil Zlozower]
  • Liz

    Goooood tune. The New Czars rock!!

  • Chuck Miller

    Nice dark song!