Exclusive: Bodyface – “Kill Her”

New York three-piece Bodyface aren’t interested in trends, the music currently clogging up radio airwaves, or even what’s on TV. “I make a point not to watch it. It’s so stupid,” remarked singer/guitarist Jared Kerr during a chat with Rock Edition.

Bodyface are much more concerned with honing their musical ingenuity. After months of writing and recording in seclusion, Bodyface’s debut full-length, ‘Bias,’ was finally released in 2010.

Straight off the band’s debut record comes one of their catchiest and most relatable songs to date: “Kill Her.”

“It’s based on a real person,” Kerr cautiously told us. “I was seeing this girl and she was just an overall nasty person. I didn’t kill her. I wanted to, but I didn’t.”

Take a listen to “Kill Her” below and keep a lookout for the track’s forthcoming music video.