Weird Owl – What’s in a Name?

It’s no secret that Brooklyn-based Weird Owl are intrepid psychedelic voyagers of the first order. The scrappy psychonauts released their second album last year, establishing their position as tryptaminic guardians of the new Lemuria. But until now, Owl acolytes could only imagine what arcane rituals might have transpired to lead to the group’s christening. Read on to be initiated into the recondite mysteries of Weird Owl.

Who came up with the band name?

The original four members of Weird Owl were each engaged in separate activities in remote locations from one another when the name came to be: one of us was delivering a dolphin baby from its dying mother in the warm waters off of Hawaii; one of us was undergoing rigorous medical and psychic evaluation by a team of scientists at NASA; one of us had been meditating in a crystal pyramid for seven days of silence; and one of us was being reacclimatized to the present-day after having gone back in time to witness the Crucifixion.

At the same precise moment within each of us, the name was revealed through an invisible, yet very present “Fifth Entity”, who has stayed with the band ever since in some form. Although, now there are six dudes in the band, so it has become a “Seventh Entity”.

How was the name decided upon? Was there a selection process?

As the name was given to us in a manner not normal to the terrestrial sphere, it is difficult to know exactly how the name came to be. As best as we can tell at this time, several ancient races of alien beings — some benign and loving, while others reptilian and malevolent — have established the Earth as their chosen battlefield and have waged a sort of psychic conflict, spanning over various lifetimes and incarnations. We have all lived through countless manifestations of this struggle, sometimes even being born into families with members of opposing cosmic affiliations. Because our mission as humans remains to unite these warring factions within us and without us, the name Weird Owl was given to us in order to show the way for all to see the importance of this transformative union of polarities. The “Weird” represents the dark and mysterious element, while the “Owl” is indicative of the light, airy realms.

We believe there to have been an intergalactic council of elders who oversaw the process.

Is there a particular meaning behind the name?

Please see above.

What’s the best name that you considered but rejected?

Before the Entity spoke, we had been playing under the name of The Electric Nouns.

What’s the worst name that you considered using?

Black Magic Johnson.

Any regrets about the name you chose?

We have not the time to regret and we wish we did not have to spend what time we do have explaining the difference between “Owl” and “Al”.

Pick up Build Your Beast a Fire on iTunes.

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