Adelaine – What’s in a Name?

Not many bands have stormed out of the gate quite like Adelaine. Their debut EP, ‘Take Heart,’ which was released in 2011, rocketed high onto the Billboard charts, making a solid (and longstanding) impact. This immediate success is only the beginning for the Texas natives who describe themselves as having a “brilliant mix of beautiful vocals, complicated guitar riffs, and harmonies that most bands would never attempt.” We’ll see what comes next in late April when the quintet release their new full-length album, ‘Currents.’ In the meantime, check out their latest single, “Bad Blood,” and continue reading below to find out what inspired their name.

Who came up with the band name?

The band name originated from our drummer, Zach. We knew we wanted a short, one-word band name. And, to be completely honest, we had a list of random names and Adelaine really stood out for some reason. At the time, it had no meaning or significance whatsoever.

Was there a selection process?

At the time, there were only three of us in the band and decisions were much easier. The only real process was asking the question “Hey, do you like this?” and the answer was usually “Sure, whatever.” [chuckles] We handle things with much more care now since this has grown into something that means a great deal to us.

Is there a particular meaning behind the name?

As previously stated, the name (at the time) didn’t really hold much meaning. But, as we did our research, we came to find out that the name means “noble one” in German, which we thought was really awesome on account that this band means so much more than just playing music. We feel that we stand behind a cause to bring hope and a positive outlook on life.

What’s the best name that you considered but rejected?

There wasn’t really a rejection process. Once Adelaine was written down, we knew that was it.

What’s the worst name that you considered using?

Adelaine was the only name that was really considered and fortunately it stuck. In high school, three of us guys were in a band called Cherri Vegas and, needless to say, that’s been the worst name that’s ever been connected to us. [laughs]

Any regrets about the name you chose?

We love our band name. The only issue we’ve ever come across is mispronunciation. It seems like every other person we meet says the name completely wrong. It’s as if they’re adding their own letters and making up a word that’s not even remotely close.

Pick up Adelaine’s new single, Bad Blood.

For the band’s upcoming tour dates, check out their Facebook page.